Shanghai-Sutong Railway opened for operation 31 trains will be added from Shanghai to Nantong

2020-07-02 09:32:05

The Shanghai-Sutong Railway was officially opened for operation. Through this new line connection, from yesterday, Shanghai can reach Nantong in 66 minutes at the fastest

The Shanghai-Sutong Railway was officially opened for operation. Through this new line connection, Shanghai can reach Nantong in 66 minutes at the fastest since yesterday, and the distance to Taicang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Nantong and other places is also closer. Our reporter Che Runyu took the first trip to Shanghai yesterday. How do you feel about the C3836 train to Nantong? Please listen to the report:

  [0702 Che Runyu Shanghai-Sutong Railway]

   (At 11:28 in the morning, the C3836 train slowly departed from Shanghai Station. Almost all passengers raised their phones to take pictures of this exciting moment. Wang Ying’s friend was waiting for her outside Taicang Station.

  [I took a lot of photos and videos and sent them to the circle of friends and community groups. Look over there in Taicang, Taicang Station, happy to welcome the first passengers. ]

Soon after the train departed from Shanghai Station, it ushered in Tianfu National Wetland Park, a national wetland park, where rice fields and ponds complement each other, and white sand gulls can be seen flying from time to time. At 12:03, the train arrived at Taicang Station. After a short stay of 2 minutes, the train continued on. Zhu Yaohao and his parents got on the bus at this stop.

  [The train passed for the first time in Taicang history. I was very happy and excited. I took my parents to see them. They are over 80. Along the way, we are here in southern Jiangsu, Taicang and Changshu. The rural environment here is so beautiful. There are small villas of every household, factories along the railway line, and the construction of a new socialist countryside is very good. ]

   Along the way, the Shanghai Passenger Transport Section also performed programs with local characteristics such as Suzhou Pingtan and Kunqu Opera for passengers.

   The train arrived at Changshu Station at 12:24. Li Meijuan, who has worked in Shanghai for 6 years, also arrived. In order to meet more with her 2-year-old baby, she went home twice a week and drove more than one and a half hours each way, which was extremely tired. It can be said that we have been looking forward to the opening of the Shanghai-Sutong Railway for many years.

   [Now the high-speed rail is 1 hour, the cost is cheaper, and it takes 100 to drive once. The train ticket is now only 42 yuan, which is equivalent to half the price. There is a baby at home, so it is more convenient. I can see her every day. ]

   Starting from Changshu, the train only took 10 minutes to reach Zhangjiagang Station.

  [Arrival in front of Zhangjiagang Station]

   Pan Xiaohu got off here with a dozen good friends.

   [One is to look at the design of the Zhangjiagang high-speed railway station, which is very technological on the Internet, and the other is to look at the local tourist attractions of Zhangjiagang. In the afternoon, I took a bus at 3 o'clock and returned to Taicang, and it was half an hour. ]

   After the train departed again at 12:38, the passengers' eyes were always staring out of the window. Not far in front is the Shanghai-Sutong-Yangtze River Highway Bridge that was just opened to traffic. The bridge is close to the mouth of the Yangtze River. The river is 6 meters wide. There are more than ten piers and ports nearby, and the river is busy with shipping. Looking at the wide Yangtze River, friends of all sizes were excited.

   [Good-looking, especially good-looking. There are so many ships and cargo ships. ]

   [The feeling of crossing the bridge is more exciting than I imagined. I am very excited and have been shooting non-stop. ]

  [The train arrives in front of the station, Nantong Station. ]

  At 1:09 pm, the terminal Nantong arrived. In the early news report on June 30, Li Juan, who had frequently traveled between Shanghai and Nantong since 2003, also bought the first train ticket.

   [At that time, I drove back and only looked at the road conditions, and I didn’t have the mood to enjoy the scenery on both sides. The first time I took the train back, I was very happy, and then I could enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window at leisure. Especially like Jiangnan's antique buildings. ]

  In the initial period of operation of the Shanghai-Sutong Railway, 31 additional EMUs are planned to be operated from Shanghai to Nantong. Lu Jun, deputy head of Shanghai Railway Station, said:

   [Today, our Shanghai station has a total of 18 trains, of which 7 are from Shanghai Station and 11 are from Hongqiao. The subsequent trains are divided into daily lines, weekend lines, and peak lines according to market demand and passenger flow requirements. ]

  Gu Fuming, the commander of the Pudong Headquarters of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Passenger Service Company, introduced that in the future, the second phase of the Shanghai-Sutong Railway will depart from Taicang, leading to Shanghai Baoshan, Pudong, and Pudong Airport.

  [Our Taicang Station has also reserved the second phase of the Shanghai Stock Connect, from Taicang to Si Tuan. The second phase of the Shanghai Stock Connect is currently under construction. ]